The Gallery of Wrongness – Page 7: Milan Welcomes You with Italish

I have to thank a colleague, who is as astounded as I am by the amount of Italish that exists in public places in Italy, for these images.

In the first, the imposing Milano Centrale train station stands in the background. Hundreds of thousands of tourists cross this piazza every year–either because they’re visiting Milan or because they’re on their way to or from Malpensa (airport buses are lined up to the right of the photo, just out of sight). Still, no one at the panini bar thought it might matter to get the English right on the sign (see close-up). Here is available to reach a captive audience, so who cares?

As bad translations go, this one is definitely an ass-fault!

Just goes to show: The world over, the coppers get grumpy if you don’t lend them the proper attention:


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