My Thesis Has Already Been Translated Into English …

A letter from a fellow translator:


“So this morning an email arrived from a potential client who wanted help promoting and distributing his book about how ‘mental training’ can improve athletic performance.

“Hardly cutting-edge thought, but OK.

 “He tells me he doesn’t need a translation, though, because his book (which is actually his bachelor’s thesis) has already been translated ‘per bene in inglese’ – that is, well-translated into English.

“Well, sure. Anything is possible. So I went to check out a few samples of this ‘per bene’ translation:

In 2009, after years of sporting success , suddenly , gradually , coming in contact with certain people who were simply amplifying my faults , I began to feel more and more exhaust and I almost disavowed the things I believed in. I did not realise that suggestion and auto-suggestion of group ritual ( spinel , insults, acceptance of many wrong things like the social indifference ) , were encouraging to my detriment some shady characters that made these things daily bread and assertiveness , while I and others were paying the price of it.

 I hope I can convince even one person , ironically , to believe that I had this experience , but I wish they would open a door that will lead many to realize how much strength there is in our thoughts and in those of others.

I tried not to limit myself to an unvarnished list , but I have filled some apparent gaps with a long series of more or less personal considerations which I hope will serve to illuminate from within those who read these pages also to remind myself to those who read and those who decide to apply these methods, what the true origins of sports are , that is those moral and mental , of our people who together with the ancient Greeks has always given important and fundamental contribution to the true and powerful Western culture .

First of all : the 100 billion neurones in our brain mass is not limited to age, every day we can “train” with the methods of mental training , let’s say two hundred fifty – three hundred thousand new neurones .

Someone has shown that over time there will be an analogy between the two thoughts and two actions , even if they are totally different . In practice, the ease of lifting a pen , the mind associates it to a brutal effort .

The example to trigger the mechanism of visualisation, concentration and evocation of the image (for example, the arm can lift a truck before lifting a barbell in the real world ) is “suggestion according to Baptist ” , we must inhale thinking to each of these and the key on and then on or before athletic or as a simple exercise to communicate to familiarise yourself with this practice and believe it, send out the air…. All must be continuous , the thought and the image that you evoke go hand in hand with the breathing and the key “on ” . You can also hold air for a few moments at the end of the movement when you enter the air.

“My question is: What would possess anyone to buy this book in fractured, googletranslated English—not just because the translation is preposterous, but because the ideas are so thoroughly banal and because the topic is amply covered by books written and published in English by native English speakers with more education and training than a guy with a brand-new bachelor’s degree?

“Sometimes, I really don’t understand what has come over Italians.


Yep. Sometimes neither do we. But then we’re shady characters who make amplifying the faults of others our daily bread.

And we’re just sick about it, too. Ironically.


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