Italian Website That Go, Embarrassing English Translation That You Find

If you happen to be someone who teaches translation, especially in Italy, please use this delightful page from the folks at ExpoNews2015 (cured by one Mr. Daniele Walter Sesini of Milan, and to him you can guide a mail at this address:

The title of your lesson should be: STOP USING ITALIAN TRANSLATORS TO TRANSLATE INTO ENGLISH. From there, the thing pretty much teaches itself.

DISCLOSURE: The ExpoNews2015 site is not officially associated with the Milan Expo 2015, though Mr. Sesini has grasped the Expo’s approach to translating publicity materials at one hundred for one hundred. (See, e.g., Meet Cretino! The Expo 2015 Italian-to-English TranslatorExpo 2015 in Milan – La gioia di stare al ribasso! [in English], and Expo 2015 a Milano – La gioia di stare al ribasso! [in italiano] if you need to refresh your memory.)

Let’s walk through some of the best bits.

First, there’s the countdown banner at the top of the page which, at the moment we captured it, read: “Missing the opening: 77 Days, 14 Hours, 40 Minutes, 40 Seconds.” One might say that ExpoNews2015 hasn’t just missed the opening; it’s missed the plot entirely.

Then there’s the headline of the article, which is the kind of thing, if you understand enough Italian to glimpse the original text beneath the failed translation, will give you plenty of bitter rice. “Region that go, project that you find,” it reads. Now, this probably almost worked in Italian because it’s a play on a timeworn saying: “Paese che vai, usanza che trovi.” In a literal sense, the phrase means something along the lines of “every country has its own way of doing things,” but it is usually translated as “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” That captures the heart of it, if not the word-for-word meaning. So what ExpoNews2015 wanted to say was something like, each of Italy’s regions is different and, when you visit them, you should eat, drink, and make merry like the locals.”

Yes, we can think of a much better translation, but you’d have to pay us for that. What we’re doing here, instead, is thanks to a passion entirely handmade by master artisans who pass a secular tradition from generation to generation.

Let’s move on, then, to the “big themes” and the “acceding countries,” landing in the first graph on “food and businesses willing to enlighten Expo 2015.” If they enlightened them about translation, that would be lovely indeed, but we are not hopeful.

In the Emilia-Romagna section, thanks to your ability to read, you’ll notice “thanks to the marketing level,” “thanks to the Internet,” and “thanks to an extensive data base.” That’s a lot of thanking. But mostly what it is, is terrible, schlocky, cliché-ridden Italian marketing prose rendered in word-for-word Technicolor (and, though we admit it’s a close contest, we’d have to say that Italian marketing prose is generally more terrible, more schlocky, and more cliché-ridden even than the English version, which is pretty damn bad),

The truly alarming thing about that paragraph, of course, is the information that “two other [tourism] campaigns are planned … with a general recall in late April near the opening of the event.” Does this mean they know in advance that the campaigns are going to be so bad they’ll have to be recalled in April? But perhaps it’s better to learn that now.

OK, well, just go ahead and read the rest yourself. But be sure not to miss the “initiatives in the area that can intercept and maybe solicit inbound touristic movements” (is the CIA involved? Or just a group of local gastroenterologists?) and the fermentation in Le Marche.

Inglisc is bubbling up everywhere.


Expo2015 – Big themes
Acceding countries
Exhibiting Companies

Region that go, project that you find

Tourism, but not only. From Emilia Romagna to Sardinia, many innovative initiatives related to food and businesses willing to enlighten Expo 2015.

With the imminent start of Expo 2015, many Italian regions have created several projects regarding  both the promotion of their territories and other innovative initiatives related to the food theme, the common denominator around which the Milanese event is centred.


First in line is definitely Emilia Romagna, which, thanks to the marketing level ‘Terre di Romagna’ has launched the online initiative ‘Expo 2015: the Network for the incoming towards Romagna’: 39 tourist packages from 11 travel agencies and the Romagna product Club widespread in 41 foreign countries thanks to the Internet, accompanied by images of towns and territories. Two other campaigns are planned in late February and late March, with a general recall in late April near the opening of the event. Thanks to an extensive data base built in the five years of activity, the aim is to attract buyers, media, journalists and foreigner opinion leaders capturing their attention through the excellence of the territory in all its forms (art, history, food and wine, nature and greenery, sea, spas and fitness). Linked to this is the intention to turn the region into a hub of research and innovation, not only in Europe but also worldwide, on the subject of food through the event ‘World Food research and innovation Forum (WFF)’, scheduled on 22nd  and 23rd  September and linked to the quality and relationship between alimentation and health.


Umbria’s strategy at Expo 2015 aims to take the opportunity at the Milanese event to raise awareness of the territory in Italy and worldwide  and at the same time consolidate and improve its offer and strengthen the institutional, scientific and economic relations with countries representing the target audience. The central Italy region will be the protagonist at the wine pavilion, the direction of which was entrusted to oenologist Riccardo Umbrian Cotarella and the chocolate pavilion thanks to Eurochocolate. The region also plans to develop other initiatives in the outside spaces of Expo, but within the city of Milan and specific initiatives in the area that can intercept and maybe solicit inbound touristic movements. How ‘Umbria green heart of Cascina Triulza’ coordinated by the Food Technology Park which provides a permanent presence for the duration of exhibition of 10 students from agricultural colleges and universities for some guided tours of the ‘orchards’ of the property chosen as a pavilion of Civil Society . Inside the courtyard preparation is expected for the exhibition of photographs by Steve McCurry titled ‘Sensational Umbria’. Also significant is the agreement with the Institute for Foreign Trade, between the foreign Umbria Centre and ‘The house of design’ for the realization of a ‘Project for food-design’ which foresees a space ready to welcome the delegations of International investors in a ‘temporary restaurant’ to present the culinary excellence but also the various regional Umbrian entrepreneurial operating in furnishings, packaging and training.


But from North to South, other realities are in fermentation in view of 1st May. The Marche region has initiated the project ‘La Via delle Marche’ ‘that aims to promote the manufacturing excellence, tourism, culinary and cultural heritage both during the course of the event and with initiatives. It is a well-defined path in the centre of Milan that embraces the ‘quadrilateral of Fashion’ and that has the intention of bringing out all the excellences of Marche in a new way of proposal, allowing itself to be included in the beauty and taste.


Taking advantage of the beauty of the area and culinary excellence, Sardinia has thought of a new initiative by the promotional services Centro for businesses by delegation from the Cagliari Chamber of Commerce. The announcement is called ‘Mediterranean diet and Expo 2015′ and allows the ten selected activities to be part of the national catalogue on specialty foods ‘made in Italy’ that will be presented in the great international showcase. The aim is to tell the world about the high quality Sardinian agricultural production model which can depend on the 180 products certified by European labels PDO, PGI, to open a window not only on the island’s locations but also its traditions, cultures, histories and landscapes.

INVESTMENTS Expo, 100 million Euros for the clusters of emerging countries
SHOPPING Milan and its luxury

COUNTRIES The exhibition spaces delivered in Malta and Montenegro
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