Ristorante Baglio Santacroce (Valderice, Trapani)

From the Baglio Santacroce’s online menu. (If I might make a comment, I think that implying that Sardinians are mean and filled with scratched bread is just plain bigoted. And using them to make sauce for your macaroni is almost certainly illegal.)


The Sicilian Cuisine

Sparkling, cheerful, ritual, fanciful. The Sicilian cuisine is as its earth. Alive of sun, of sea, of love. And of turned on colors, of intense odors, of sharp contrasts.

The history of the Sicilian food custom starts with the first inhabitants of the island, the Sicanis, the Phoenician ones, the Greek, the Romans. You narrates that the rich characters and the most greater exponents of the Greek culture used to send their cooks to learn the Sicilian culinary art. Continuous to evolve him and himself/herself/themselves it directs toward new tastes with the arrival of people invaders, from the Vandals to the Byzantines, from the Arabs to the Norman ones, from the Angioinis to the Aragonese ones. And the continuous tradition, grows, it becomes wealthy of new elements of different cultural influences. They hands down new recipes, popular dishes cohabit and they are measured with “flat modern.” But the primary characteristics of our gastronomy are unchanged: the imagination, the elaborate taste in to introduce the dishes, the employment of aromas, of the seasonings, the profusion of tastes.

Some  of  the  Dishes  of  the  Sicilian  Cuisine,  that,  besides  those  of  National  Kitchen,  they  prepare  him  to  the  Restaurant  Baglio  Santacroce,  are:


Insalata di Mare: salad of octopuses, squids, prawns, mussels, clams seasoned with lemon and parsley.

Panelle: crocché done with flour of ceci and then fried.

Caponata: cold dish which eggplants, oil, vinegar, garlic, toasted almonds, pinoli and other seasonings enter.

Pesce Spada marinato: fish sword made to soak with oil and lemon.

Bottarga di tonno: fettine of ovary of tuna served with oil and lemon.

First dishes:

Busiate al pesto trapanese: seasoned pigtails of fresh pasta with  pesto of garlic, oil, basil, almonds and pomodorini.

Pasta con le sarde: macaronies with saffron and seasoned with sauce composed of onion, anchovies, parsley, wild finocchietto, almonds, pinoli and Sardinians the all soffritto in oil, flat typically and originally palermitano.

Busiate alla norma: seasoned busiate with eggplants and covered of ricotta seasoned salty.

Cuscus: flat of sure Arabic origin. It is a brodosa and tasty soup of fish with a lot of vegetables, that you/he/she is opportunely poured on a base of prepared bran.

Busiate con pesce spada e melanzane : seasoned busiate with sauce of fish sword and eggplants.

Involtini di melanzane: full of spaghetti in sauce of tomato, basil, salty ricotta and gratinate to the oven.

Second of meat:

Involtini di carne alla Siciliana: full involtini of meat of bread grattato,pinoli,uva passa,salame and cheese first salt.

Scaloppine al Marsala: medallions of meat browned in the Marsala.

Second of Fish:

Sarde a beccafico: the Sardinians cut in mean, are filled with scratched bread, sugar, cinnamon, raisin and pinoli. Cooked to couple in oil they are flavored from a leaf of laurel.

Tonno con la cipollata: floured tuna and soffritto with the cipolla.

Involtini di pesce spada: involtini of fish sword full of scratched bread, parsley and cheese.

Sweets and dessert:

Cassata: cake covered of pasta real and candied, full of ricotta and chocolate.

Cannoli: sweets with full of ricotta, chocolate and candied.

Cassatelle fritte: full ravioloni of ricotta, fried and dusted of sugar to veil.

Tastes that they happily marry him the proud production vinicola of Sicily.