Pizzeria Le Macine (Terni, Umbria)

From the online menu (Inglisc version) of the Pizzeria Le Macine. If you’re in an especially cynical mood, you might want to try the “fettuccine to the hypocrite,” followed by a contour of “spinaches to the sour one.”

Appetizers First flat Second flat Contours Pizzas

Mixed Drinks

Fruit and Sweets


Ham and melon
Appetizer to the millstones
Appetizer to the Italian
Imagination the chef’s appetizer
Appetizer of bread carrè
Warm appetizer
Appetizer of vegetables
Mixed appetizer
Mixed Bruschette
Bruschette to the tomato
Bruschette hypocrite
Bruschette to the oil
Bruschette with beans

Cold dishes
Cheeses’ portion
Bresaola, rucola, parmiggiano
Rucola and parmesan cheese
Slices tomato and rucola
Scamorza to the oven
Scamorza with ham

First dishes
Bucatini to the matriciana
Spaghetti garlic oil and peperoncino
Spaghetti to the carbonara
Spaghetti to the puttanesca
Fettuccine to the hypocrite
Fettuccine mushrooms and whipped cream
Fettuccine to the meat sauce
Fettuccine to the boscaiola
Fettuccine to the millstones
Ciriole to the millstones
Ciriole to the mushrooms
Ciriole to the hypocrite
Pens to the salmon
Pens to the vodka
Pens to the norcina
Pens to the angry one
Pens to the four cheeses
Pens in pink sauce
Tortellini whipped cream and sausage
Tortellini to the boscaiola
Tortellini to the meat sauce
Tortellini whipped cream and cooked ham
Ravioli butter and sage
Ravioli to the meat sauce
Ravioli to the hypocrite
Ravioli to the whipped cream

Second dishes
Beefsteak of pig to the fire
Beefsteak of vitella to the fire
Lamb scottadito to the fire
Portion of sausages to the fire
Scaloppine to the mushrooms
Scaloppine to the white wine
Scaloppine to the lemon
Scaloppine to the hypocrite

Mixed salad
Green salad
Spinaches to the sour one
Spinaches to the butter
French fries

Pizza to the four seasons
Pizza to the capricious one
Pizza to the raw ham
Pizza to the fruits of sea
Pizza to the tuna and slices tomato
Pizza to the mushrooms
Pizza to the millstones
Pizza to the asparaguses
Pizza to the bismark
Pizza to the salmon
Pizza to the ortolana
Pizza to the Mexican
Truffled pizza
Salty pizza of artichokes
Mixed pizza
Pizza to the flowers of pumpkin
Parisian pizza
Pizza to the nutella
Pizza to the zucchines
Pizza to the potatoes
Pizza ham and melon
Pizza daisy wheel
Neapolitan pizza
Pizza wurstel
Pizza to the sausage
Pizza olives
Pizza eggplants
Pizza to the corn
Pizza mushrooms and bacon
Pizza white raw ham and slices tomato
Pizza to the mushrooms, cooked ham and fresh whipped cream
Pizza rucola and stracchino
Pizza rucola and prawns
Pizza rucola and parmesan cheese
Pizza to the four cheeses
Pizza to the hypocrite
Pizza to the spicy salami
Pizza to the porky mushrooms
Pizza to the carbonara

Pant to the ham
Pant mushrooms and ham
Pant to the sausage
Pant to the spinaches

Pizza breads
Pizza breads to the ham
Pizza breads of mushrooms and ham
Pizza breads spinaches and sausage
Pizza breads mushrooms and sausage
Pizza breads to the rucola

Crouton mushrooms and ham
Crouton anchovies and tomato
Crouton to the hypocrite
Crouton to the asparaguses
Crouton to the sausage
Crouton to the sausage and tomato

It made up for
Hamburger and chips
Roast Wurstel and chips


Wine to the thorn

Wines in bottle

Vino Zanzi
Vino Lambrusco
Pinot grigio
Montefalco rosso
Bianco di Torgiano
Rosso di Torgiano
Greghetto dell’Umbria

Drought beers

Beers in bottle
Du demon

Drinks to the thorn
Coca cola

Bersano red
Asti conte Cavour
Brachetto bersano

Caffe corretto
Cognac e whisky
Liquori e amari
Liquore alla liquirizia

Strawberries to the lemon
Strawberries with whipped cream

Sweets of the house
Soup English
Pears to the beautiful helena
Cooked whipped cream


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