Strit Fud: Luh Vostruh Trudootsyonay Fuh Skiffo

“Strit Fud”—the terminally cutesie name this Italian fast-food restaurant chain has given to its company—wants you to believe they serve up hearty helpings of what used to be called, back in the good old days, “street food.”

Isn’t that fun? What they did there?

If you read Italian, you can go to their website and be underwhelmed: It’s a collection of the most vapid, paint-by-number publicity language ever to appear on an Italian website.

“Strit Fud” will tell you all about how they are “artisans.” They’re all about “values.” They’ve got “deep ties to their families” which—amazing!—is where they learned their “craft.” (Is fast food a craft? Well, um, okay.) They’re working to keep their history and “traditions” alive. They’re constantly involved in “research.” And they work with “passion.”

Them and eighty-seven squillion other Italian businesses who crap out this kind of meaningless ad copy like they couldn’t stop eating handfuls of prunes.

Anyway, you won’t be able to read this deathless prose in “English” because, when you go to the English version of their web page, you get this:

strit fud1

Which is like some kind of cosmic commentary or something.

But inglisc is what we’re here to complain about and, as you can see from their billboards (one of which is reproduced here), they’ve engaged a traductor to get their message out there to the English-mangling hordes:

strit fud2

The people at “Strit Fud” have been “eating on the street for centuries.” And we believe them.

That’s obviously also where they’ve been getting their translations.


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