The Gallery of Wrongness – Page 9: Rody Mirri and “It’s Your Song”

This is some kind of wonderful, if you’re interested in examples of People-Who-Should-Know-Better using English like a 12-gauge shotgun to shoot themselves in the foot.

One might imagine that a biography of Gianni Versace — especially one written with what we can only assume was the willing participation of Versace’s partner, Antonio D’Amico — would attract a certain built-in audience. It might even attract a U.S.-based publisher.

But Rody Mirri, in addition to being the guy who allegedly introduced actress Michelle Hunziker to sexual harassment when she was only 17, decided to write his own marketing copy for the book, thereby demonstrating that his judgment hasn’t improved a bit over the last sixteen years.

Whoa, Rody! You’ll never get to the top of a flashing career if you keep that up!

If anyone can decipher the last paragraph, by the way, which reads like some drug-induced stream-of-consciousness (“to born again without any expectation with an only companion beside”), please write and clue us in.