The Gallery of Wrongness – Page 12: “The Natural Treatment of the Allergic Asthma” (Hub Pages)

“Most of us know what means the allergic asthma….”

So begins this delightfully moronic page, evidently word-processed (you can’t say “written”) by one of those online programs that tend to be used by those too disrespectful of language and too … (I’m looking for synonyms for “hopelessly ignorant” that don’t sound quite so negative …), um, linguistically challenged not to know that automatic translation is to translation what automatic brain surgery is to brain surgery.

In any case, yes, most of us do know what means the allergic asthma, just as we know “what is the depression” (another gem by the same author and posted on Hub Pages). The depression is what we get when we read the Inglisc of the person cretinous.

If you’re truly a glutton for punishment of the English language, you can read the entirety of this nonsense article by downloading the .pdf. Otherwise, you can check out the .jpg of selected tidbits below. Alternatively, for a painless peek, here’s a brief collection of some of Mèd Een Eetaly’s faves:

— “You are advised to take some honey in the alarm clock (on an empty stomach).”

— “The particular cases (allergy in the pollen, the allergy in the propolis, etc.) and the number of diseases were too much many to be flatware by a general answer, the asthmatic has to consult his / her dealing doctor to make sure that the honey has no negative effect on its asthma or on the other diseases with which it would be reached.”

— “The grip of the black seed in enormous quantity is toxic.”

— “Clean daily the ground of the house with a domestic cleaner, knowing that some cleaners can deteriorate the allergic symptoms.”

All good advice, I’m sure. Wait … sorry…. What?


The .pdf version: The Natural Treatment of the Allergic Asthma Written in English that is Altogether Anything Other Than Natural


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